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We Love Our Animals!

Made in Germany

Happy Dog / Happy Cat stands for the very highest “Made in Germany” quality.

High-quality protein sources

With valuable animal proteins (meat, fish and offal).

What the body needs

We guarantee optimum digestibility (90%). 

Natural through and through

No artificial colours, flavourings, preservatives or genetically-modified raw ingredients.

No animal testing

We waive animal testing. 

No soya

We do not use soya. 

Natural Life

We constantly endeavour to use a natural and species-appropriate variety of raw ingredients in our recipes.

Best raw ingredients

We use top quality raw materials and ingredientsfromlocal and regional farms.

Stringent quality controls

The strictest independent tests guarantee you the highest level of quality.

Happy Dog

Happy Dog offers the exact nutrition that your dog requires. For every size, for every need and for every age – from puppy to senior.

Happy Cat

Happy Cat provides exactly the nutrients your cat needs. For every size, for every need and for every age - from kitten to senior.

Happy Horse

A horse can tell when you're full of joy,

it notices when your heart is filled with pride,

and it'll definitely notice if there's a carrot in your pocket.

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